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Living is a Matter of Urgency – 2008

In this book Mario Alonso Puig describes how human beings can face up to uncertainty in a much more effective and healthy way:

Living is a Matter of Urgency
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Eagerness of a Leader - 2004

This book tackles the key concepts of leadership and describes in detail the characteristics which all leaders must enhance in order to become more effective. To assist in this task the author presents alongside his explanation a series of real examples, questionnaires and exercise which invite us to "flex our muscles" and progress with confidence along what is always the arduous path to improvement.

Cover of Madera de Líder /Eagerness of a Leader
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Now Me - 2011

The book "Now Me" sets out the essential guidelines explaining how we can create our own future rather than simply waiting for it to come along.

Cover of the book Ahora YO (‘Now ME’)
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Reinventing yourself - 2010

Reinventing yourself does not mean becoming someone different, but letting your true BEING spread its wings. In a new space for possibilities in which creativity, wisdom and energy flourish, completely transforming our experience, and bringing us greater peace of mind, enthusiasm and confidence in our lives. It is down to us, by exercising our own personal freedom, to make the choices which will gradually help us transform our perspective.

Cover of Reinventing yourself
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Dreaming and Leading in Times of Crisis

According to the expert Sir Ken Robinson, those of us aged over 25 use just 2% of our creative potential.


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The Art of Reinventing Yourself

The human brain is absolutely equipped to deal with uncertainty.

Business PISTAS

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Reinventing yourself

Nunca es tarde para cambiar de aires (‘It is never too late for a change of scene’)
The current crisis could provide many people with the spur they need to dare make that radical change in their working life for which they so yearned.
We cannot allow a profession to impose barriers on our identity.


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How to reinvent executives and companies in troubled times

The most important weapon in transforming executives and also companies is communication.

El Economista

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A Boss May be a Leader, but a Leader Need Not be a Boss

Fear is an emotion which allows us to find safety, but prevents us from taking risks, trying out new things and undergoing change.
In order to overcome these adversities we need more faith in ourselves and in other people, to give fewer instructions but set more of an example. 


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