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El Economista - July 2006

I am here thanks to my patients.

Gestión Empresarial

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Who´s Who

The key to reducing the inner tension which undermines our resources, strengths and possibilities is to have more faith in ourselves and in others, to give fewer instructions and set more of an example; to attempt to understand rather than to control; to speak less and listen more.

Manager Business Magazine

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Our Attitude dictates the Altitude we achieve in life.

Coaching, although it has been given different names, has always been with us, as provided by the sports trainers, teachers, relatives or friends who have helped us uncover our true capabilities. The power of coaching depends, in my opinion, on the individual delivering it, and so for as long as there are genuine rather than superficial practitioners, it will never go out of fashion.


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Interview with Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente

The natural world reminds us of our origins, that we are one, that everything is connected. Those who attempt to isolate themselves can not survive.

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Agenda Viva

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Fear can be a companion, depending on how we confront it

If a person lapses into negative conversation, this can stimulate the same hormones which are triggered by stress. This continuous activation of such hormones, when generated not by a physical threat but by a way of thinking, is known as distress.

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Los Domingos de ABC

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We Look Around for Excuses Not to Reflect

"Emotions, above all negative emotions such as fear, anger and desperation, can alter the blood flow in the brain and the immune system, and are associated with major hormonal changes"

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El Correo

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Fear, Risk and Uncertainty

The human race has had an intimate relationship with fear since we first evolved two and a half million years ago. The emergence of emotions, and fear, was no isolated occurrence. They represent a fundamental evolutionary advantage, involving as they do an evaluation of our surroundings which can be of vital importance if our physical survival is under threat.

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